Digital competence for all

The digital transformation changes everything and affects everyone. Make It Finland is a non-profit organization, which wants to give all citizens equal possibilities to participate actively and responsibly in the increasingly digitalised society.

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The digitalisation changes everything and affects everyone. As a consequence digital competence is an important part of our current and future general knowledge.

Make It Finland is a nonprofit organisation, whose mission is to support and empower everyone in becoming an active participant in the digitalised society. Our vision is that everybody has the possibility to develop their understanding of the digital world regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and other factors.

We, that is, Linda Mannila and Anna Sell founded Make It Finland in 2016 having worked actively with questions on digital competence in a range of contexts and with people of all ages. You often hear people talk about how the digitalization makes the societal gap deeper and broader. We, however, believe technology can bring people together rather than tear them apart.

Linda Mannila & Anna Sell


Äntligen är vi igång!

Efter en väldigt speciell vecka med ett nyhetsflöde som svämmat över av diskussioner kring bubblor, polarisering och ett vi/de-tänk, känns det nu extra bra att glänta på dörren till Make …