Welcome to the the follow-up to our popular Make It Festival - a creative event open to everyone! This time we will head to Vaasa, where the doors will be opened at 11-15 on Sunday September 9. The program is suitable for children and senior citizens, and everyone in between. Try out new exciting technology, think about what tech you used when you were young and fantasise about where we might be heading.


Step into virtual reality

Step into a virtual world and create your own colorful piece art. Or do you dare ride a virtual roller coaster?

Make your own green screen video

Green screen technology makes it possible to get exciting results with simple means. What kind of video do you want to make?

Print in 3D

We all know what paper printouts look like, but what about 3D printouts? How does it work and what is the outcome?

Program robots

Programming Angry Birds or a new Spotify takes a lot of time, but all coding starts from the same basics. Are you able to program your robot? 

Bring your drawings to life

Drawing and painting is a lot of fun. Making your drawing come to life can be even more fun - or what do you think?

Create your own fake news

There is a lot of talk about alternative facts and false news stories today. Are you able to create your own piece of fake news and fool your relatives?

Test new interfaces

We are used to controlling our computers and phones with a mouse or touch, but why stop there - maybe we could use our feet, movements, or even fruit!

Have fun with traditional materials

It may seem like new technologies are very different from old ones, but there are also lots of similarities. Creativity is always needed when building something new!

Build your own paper computer

How does a computer work? What parts are in it? Come and build your own paper computer and learn about what you can find inside a computer. 

Take part in our treasure hunt

By collecting stamps from the different workshops you can finally find yourself a treasure? Will you succeed? 

Bring out the inventor in you

What fabulous idea would you like to implement? What is your invention?

Get familiar with AI

How does AI work? Where can it be found? Come and see some AI applications and decide for yourself how smart they are.

Create your own badge

Design and create your own badge with our mechanical badge machine. What kind of badge do you want?

Get to see new tech

Visit our partners workshops and get to see some new technology.

Make a funny video

Create your own funny videos using simple apps.


Congratulations for holding such a great event! Many came and learned a lot!

Festival participant

December 2017

The event was a success! The atmosphere was enthusiastic and everyone was in a good mood!

Festival participant

December 2017

It felt soooo good to be part of the Make It Festival! There was plenty of fun!

Festival participant

December 2017

Thank you! This was a really nice event!

Festival participant

December 2017


Take along your kids, parents, neighbors, cousins or anyone you know to Vaasa-opisto on Raastuvankatu 31 and join in the fun at 11-15!

Vaasa-opisto is located close to the Vaasa city centre. The location is perfect whether you arrive by foot, bike, car or bus. There is plenty of parking space in the surrounding neighbourhood and the buses stop close to the door.


The main organizer of the festival is Make It Finland. However, without our volunteers and partners this all would not have happened. A big thank you to all of you!


Got a question? Do you want to arrange your own workshop during the festival? Do you want to support our event? Get in touch with Linda Mannila on!

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